Sila ACHNow and Xuno Join Forces to Enhance Cross-Border Payments

Sila, the leading financial technology company known for its instant ACH rails processing platform ACHNow, today announced a strategic partnership with Xuno, a pioneering cross-border neo-bank offering unparalleled access, speed and security through equitable cross-border payment and banking solutions. Through this collaboration, Xuno customers will benefit from a unified experience where US/Nepal cross-border transactions are handled with instant ACH payouts.

The partnership merges the instant settlement capabilities of Sila’s ACHNow with XUNO’s ability to create real-time interactions between sending and receiving banks using Request to Pay (r2px) – a messaging overlay solution that sits on the trusted ISO-20022 protocol. r2px  increases real-time compliance visibility of individuals and businesses across borders, thus reducing payment frictions.

"Our collaboration with Xuno is a crucial step forward in our mission to accelerate international remittances," said Mike Fitzpatrick, CEO of Sila. "This partnership ensures that Xuno customers can send and receive money between the US and Nepal with unprecedented ease and speed. By combining our technologies, we are setting a new industry standard for international financial transactions."

While the United States is a world leader in most categories, we are a laggard in the financial sector. Xuno chose Sila’s ACHNow to allow customers to process ACH transactions instantly in the United States instead of the usual 2-3 days. Countries like Nepal, Brazil and India offer instant money movement options, while the US remains one of the slowest corridors. Therefore, Xuno turned to Sila’s ACHNow functionality.

“Through our partnership with Sila, we are helping Nepal leapfrog from a closed landlocked nation with GDP of $36 billion to a borderless country with newfound access to the $25 trillion US economy,” said Bal Krishna Joshi, Founder of XUNO. “With the elevated speed and security that our combined solution unlocks, we are paving the way for new commerce and business opportunities between the US and Nepal.”

Sila's innovative payment solution, ACHNow, provides unparalleled access to instant payment rails, seamlessly connecting clients to RTP, FedNow, and Sila’s proprietary Instant Settlement product. This comprehensive approach ensures that Xuno will have the necessary tools to navigate and excel in the fast-paced environment of financial transactions.

The joint effort between Sila and Xuno enhances the customer experience and ensures compliance with the stringent regulatory frameworks governing financial transactions in both countries. It reflects both companies' commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of global commerce.

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About Sila

Sila is a Portland-based fintech company that specializes in ACH processing solutions. Sila’s mission is to make money programmable while ensuring that financial transactions are secure, compliant, and easy to integrate.

About Xuno

Founded under the leadership of Bal Krishna Joshi, a pioneer in the cross-border payment industry, XUNO is a cross border payment company with offices in the US and Nepal. It is the first and only inclusive multi-sided fintech platform committed to shepherding the world towards an equitable borderless economy.

By leveraging best-in-class technology, beneficiary-friendly business mechanisms and industry standardization approaches, Xuno is able to deliver a cost-effective, transparent, fast and friction-less alternative to existing cross-border payment and banking solutions.

Today, XUNO is the creator of one of the industry’s first cross border, cross currency ISO20022 compliant protocols that eliminates intermediaries across borders and enables individuals, business, merchants and financial institutions alike with access to a host of global banking and payment networks and unmatched exchange rates, speed and security. In doing so, XUNO stays true to its mission of breaking down existing barriers between emerging and developed markets. 

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