Decrease your Instant Payouts costs by 75%

ACHNow is the Push-to-Card Replacement

ACHNow offers the same instant settlement capabilities as push-to-card services by leveraging more efficient payment rails like RTP and FedNow. This enables real-time transactions while significantly reducing costs.

ACHNow can cut your expensive transaction fees by up to 75% compared to card networks in the first month, guaranteed.

Push-to-Card Limitations

ACHNow Solutions

Paying expensive push-to-card fees
ACHNow reduces transaction fees by up to 75% by using cost-effective payment rails.
Delayed Fund Availability
ACHNow provides instant access to funds, ensuring real-time transactions and improved cash flow.
Complex Integration
ACHNow integrates seamlessly with existing systems using a simple NACHA file setup.
Limited Flexibility
ACHNow supports both push and pull payments, offering greater flexibility for various transaction types.
High Chargeback Risk
ACHNow eliminates disputes and chargebacks as RTP and FedNow payments are irrevocable.
Operational Inefficiencies
ACHNow streamlines financial operations with real-time reporting and analytics, reducing manual tasks and errors.
Customer Dissatisfaction Due to Delays
ACHNow enhances the user experience by providing immediate payment processing and reducing waiting times.
Resource-Intensive Management
ACHNow offers automated solutions and dedicated support, reducing the need for extensive management resources.

Waiting for ACH is a Thing of the Past

ACH Credits (Direct Deposits)

Instant Settlements, Lower Costs

ACHNow delivers real-time ACH settlements by utilizing RTP and FedNow. This guarantees that your transactions are completed instantly, mirroring the speed of push-to-card services without the high fees associated with card networks.

Versatile & Reliable

With support for push and pull payments, ACHNow adapts to various business needs, providing flexibility and reliability. Our smart routing algorithm ensures that payments are processed through the most efficient and secure channels, reducing chargeback risks and enhancing transaction security.

Seamless Integration

Integrate ACHNow with ease. Unlike the complex card network setups, ACHNow requires only a NACHA file for integration. This streamlined process saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Cost-Efficiency Redefined

Say goodbye to the high fees associated with push-to-card services. ACHNow routes transactions through the most cost-effective payment rails, significantly reducing processing costs while maintaining speed and reliability. ACHNow provides a new option that was not available when you built your initial solution, so it’s time to consider a better alternative.

Optimize Your Business Payments

Transition to ACHNow and revolutionize your payment processing. Our cost-effective, real-time ACH settlements will streamline your operations and improve your bottom line, ensuring you stay competitive in today’s market.

What is ACHNow?

ACHNow facilitates instant ACH settlement for all transactions. It utilizes an orchestration layer to route ACH transactions through instant payment rails like Real-Time Payments (RTP) and FedNow, ensuring fast and secure processing.


What is ACHNow and how does it work?

ACHNow is an orchestration layer that intelligently routes ACH transactions onto the instant rails of Real-Time Payments (RTP), FedNow or Sila’s Instant Settlement product.

Where is ACHNow available?

ACHNow is available in the United States.

Is this RTP or FedNow?

ACHNow utilizes both RTP and FedNow.

Do I need to choose between RTP or FedNow?

No, ACHNow provides your business with access to both RTP and FedNow via a single API. You don’t need to be concerned about which instant rail is growing faster and deploy your engineering resources because Sila has already completed all the work for you.

Does ACHNow push and pull payments?

Yes, ACHNow supports both push and pull (request for payment) options.

How long does it take to get ACHNow up and running?

The answer to this question is quite subjective as it would depend upon the skill level of your software engineer and the amount of time provided to the integration. On average, this is a 1-week integration process. API documentation can be found here.

Do I need a Money Transmitter Licenses?

Sila is an agent of our two sponsor banks and this arrangement allows us to utilize their bank charter, which precludes our customers from needing money transmitter licenses (MTLs).

Can I get a demo to see how it works?

Yes, we are proud of ACHNow and would love to provide a live demonstration. Just click here to schedule your demo.

How does ACHNow pricing compare to wires?

Share your estimated ACH volumes, and Sila will create bespoke pricing that best suits your use case. Current customers are seeing as much as 80% savings versus wires.

The services that SILA provides are mission-critical and you need a strong partner to not only solve problems today, but a partner you can trust to have the foresight to build for the future.

— Seni T
CEO Edge Markets