Digital Wallet API

The Sila Wallet API links any U.S. bank account via API for in-app payments.

Sila Digital Wallet API Solution That Does It All

Connect the Sila Wallet API ‘out-of-the-box’ or customize it to your project’s specific needs.

Our secure wallet API comes ingrained and embedded with:

  • KYC/KYB AML as a bank agent
  • Fast bank account connections
  • Secure money transfers
KYC and KYB Verification

KYC/KYB Like Never Before

KYC and KYB come included with all API packages. Lightning fast identity verification grants up to 90% approvals in under 10 seconds. Sila users still need to manage their own compliance.

Streamlined Actions through MX or Plaid

Easy Bank Account Linking

Give your clients the option to log in via an online portal and verify through trial deposits. Bank account linking is provided through MX and Plaid.

Wallet API for Embedded Payments and Mobile

Maintain total control over how your white-label wallets appear in your app.

Instant ACH = Instant Money

Nacha has unveiled their instant ACH, and we are one of the first financial APIs that can offer it. Allow your customers to send money instantly for more versatility and a better product. Instant ACH is a state-of-the-art risk management service that resolves ACH debits instantly.

Send ACH debits and bank in real-time. #PoweredbySila

Our Wallet API Natively Supports Bank Accounts

Sila's Digital Wallet API is an end-to-end solution.

Ask Us Anything About Our Payments API for ACH Transfers

What type of security best practices for payment data is recommended when using Sila?

Check our blog article on the topic: Security Best Practices for Wallet API Payment Data which provides a general overview. Keep in mind we take care of this for you as part of our Wallet API.

Can I transfer money internationally with Sila?

At this time we only support U.S. bank accounts and credit unions. It is possible to use our API in conjunction with International money transfer APIs such as Corpay (CambridgeFX), Thunes and Currencycloud.

How much does it cost to send money transfers through Sila’s Wallet API?

We strive to keep ACH transfers through Sila affordable. Talk to a sales executive to learn more about our transaction pricing schedule.

How long do the money transfers issued through Sila’s Wallet API take to process?

We provide bill payments through ACH transfers and our ledger. Therefore, each processing timeline will vary.

Standard ACH payments typically take 2 business days for an ACH debit and 1 business day for an ACH credit (but don’t be surprised if each takes up to 4 business days). We also offer SameDay ACH and Instant ACH. You can read about our transfer timelines in this article.

What are the business requirements for using Sila’s Wallet API?

There are a number of compliance requirements for a business to send, receive, and store money in an app.

Customers need to manage compliance, but Sila won’t leave you high and dry. To partner with Sila, your business will need to be incorporated in the U.S. and each of your end-users will need to pass SSN verification or EIN verification.

Learn more about pre-qualification for all our API access.

Where can I learn more about how Sila’s Wallet API works?

As users are becoming more familiar with digital wallets, it makes sense that you might want to provide a digital wallet as one of your features. Or perhaps it's your core product. Wallet APIs are secured through a mixture of embedded compliance, linked API endpoints, and private keys.

Check out our blog article to learn about how using a Wallet API works.

“I don't see why we would ever move away from Sila because there's a value there with the team that we don't want to lose out on; that we wouldn't get from a traditional payment processor.”

— Sequoia

What will you build?

Our Wallet API is ground-zero for managing your API. Access identity verification, bank account linking, digital wallets, and payments in the API sandbox.