Bank Account Linking

Link bank accounts and transfer money fast using the Sila API.

Simple, Safe, and Compliant Bank Account Linking for Your Payment API

Payment app users need to link their bank account to send and receive funds. With secure bank account linking through Plaid, Sila users can access this feature faster than ever before.

Simplify Linking Bank Accounts

All users need to link a U.S. bank account to send and receive money through your Sila-powered API. With our bank account linking API, you don’t have to worry about securing a linking API yourself.

Streamlined Actions Through Plaid

No more app aggregation in your future. With Sila, Plaid is a pre-approved partner and all the bank account linking API management is available in our documentation.

Never Touch the Sensitive Data

The U.S. banking system is getting a serious upgrade and Sila plans to be one of the first APIs to offer RTP.

Compliance Should be Your Top Concern

Compliance when it comes to bank account linking should not be complicated. It is the responsibility of every customer but we offer limited services in our API.

Ask Us Anything About Our Payments API for ACH Transfers

What are the security best practices for Bank Account Linking?

When collecting bank account data, it’s vital to follow security best practices. While Plaid helps to offload a lot of the compliance requirements, like securely transferring and hosting sensitive data, businesses still need to be mindful of Security Best Practices for Bank Account Linking and Payment Data.

What banks are connected through Bank Account Linking?

The banks that can link through the bank account linking endpoint are controlled by Plaid. Read about their coverage here.

How much does Bank Account Linking cost?

Bank account linking through Sila is free. However, you will need Plaid’s AUTH product  to access it. Getting started with Plaid is easy. Sila works with Plaid’s entire suite of products and is tightly integrated. If you need more than AUTH, we can help advise you on your Plaid subscription. See our full ACH transfer pricing schedule.

How long does the Bank Account Linking process take?

Bank account linking takes a matter of minutes. Timelines for sending and receiving money vary. You can read about our transfer timelines in this article.

What are the business requirements for using Bank Account Linking?

To work with SIla, your business must be incorporated in the U.S. and each of your end-users will need to pass SSN verification or EIN verification.  Learn more about pre-qualification for all our API access.

How does Bank Account Linking work?

A bank account linking API makes connecting to an online account, digital wallet, and the Sila API structure possible. Without being able to link a bank account, users would have no way to send or receive the money transferred.

Bank account linking requires the transferring of sensitive data, which is why Sila trusts in Plaid as a reliable partner. Plaid is good at what they do, and by allowing Plaid to manage the bank account linking data encryption process, we can focus on what we do best.

Through the Sila API, all users gain access to the core bank account linking code to securely connect with Plaid right in the app.

Everything You Need for Managing End-users and Support, All in the Back-end

With Sila and Plaid on your side, you can access strong financial features:

Same Day Pre-Approval

Eligible U.S. registered companies operating in regulated industries get approval fast.

Digital Wallet Creation

Grow your end-users with a digital wallet capable of holding money through an FDIC member bank.

Storage in Digital Wallets

Store the value equivalent in digital wallets for fast money transfers in the U.S.

KYC and KYB Verification

Verify business and user identities within minutes or with added documentation with the KYC and KYB API.

Bank Account Linking

Quickly link bank accounts, check balances, and identify owners thanks to our Plaid partnership.

ACH Debit and ACH Credit Transactions

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can perform ACH transfers for more money sending options.

Program Your App’s Money

With smart contract technology, program money in new and exciting ways.

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