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Sila is at the heart of the online payment processing revolution that stands to disenfranchise multi-billion dollar businesses. We are bold and use the latest technologies including blockchain to help our customers realize their dreams. We're looking for company-builders dedicated to our mission of enabling trusted, simple, and instant value transfer between anyone, anywhere, any time. Join us!


Peek into our culture

What does it mean to work at Sila? Sila is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with employees working across the United States. We’re serious about building a world-class team, representative of the communities we live and work in.

Sila Culture

Why Sila?

Coming from the world of big banking, I found it to be antiquated, outdated and disadvantageous to businesses and individuals alike. It was important for me to be a part of the solution rather than managing the problem. Sila empowers these innovators, which is why I found it critical to join the mission.

Why Sila?

Everyone truly cares about each other as a person and as a co-worker, and it’s a pleasure to interact with everyone. Not only is it cool to work at a startup, but we are a B2B company where our customers are mostly startups! You get to see what they’re doing with our technology, which is fun and rewarding.

Why Sila?

Sila was and is an excellent place for me to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility over a fledgling product. Over time, I’ve had the privilege to see it grow from little more than an idea to a revolutionary tool used by dozens of apps that are making a real impact on the world of finance.

Meet Members of the Sila Family


Onboarding Manager


Director, Banking Operations


Engineering Manager


Director, Sales


DevOps Engineer


Customer Experience Advocate


VP, Product


Director, Customer Experience


Account Executive


HR Specialist


Chief Information Security Officer

Learn about our values

Sila is a startup and proud of it. People come here to make a difference and you’ll see your impact immediately. Our values support big ideas and big contributions. Come join our growing team and help build a culture where we support each other and our customers throughour banking-as-a-service platform.



We hold each other to the highest standards to ensure quality in ourselves and our products.


We take calculated risks and we are not afraid to learn from setbacks and failures.


We treat every team member with respect and welcome differing viewpoints. No mean-spirited, selfish, or condescending behavior allowed.


We are honest and forthright about who we are; we admit our mistakes; we live our values.


We support each other to succeed as a team; we are collaborative and help each other develop.


We are serious about injecting humor, play, and joy into our daily work.

We’re everywhere!

We are a distributed team, here are some of the places we have team members.