Transfer money and initiate ACH transfers lightning-fast using the Sila API.

Amplified Financial Features with Instant ACH Transfers

Instant ACH is a state-of-the-art risk management service that resolves ACH debits instantly. Pass a risk analysis to gain access to immediate disbursement of funds. We believe in a decentralized financial future. Build one with Sila.

ACH vs. Wire Transfers

Fast U.S. Money Transfers

Tap into the U.S. market with state-of-the-art risk management services only available in the Sila platform. Now with speedy ACH for fast, affordable money transfers.

Smart Risk Management

Our ledger enables movement 24/7 through programmable transfers. And our deep relationships with ID authenticators offloads a lot of risk to give you nothing but financial benefits.

Embedded Blockchain Features

Instant ACH is transferred through our proprietary ledger.

Access a Secure API Stack

Through our secure API stack and aggregator, you don’t need to source every aspect of your new financial systems. Access everything, including scalability, in our API packages.

Sila Makes ACH API Money Transfers Simple… and Fast

No more dealing with archaic banking interfaces, rejections from payment processors who won’t support your use case, or stringing together multiple banking APIs just to add payment capabilities to your application. Sila was built from the ground up to get you up and running quickly.

Transfer balance

Instant ACH = Instant Money

Allow your customers to send money instantly for more versatility and a better product. Send ACH debits and bank transfers in real-time. #PoweredbySila

Ask Us Anything About Our Payments API for ACH Transfers

What type of security best practices for payment data are recommended when using Sila?

All of Sila’s APIs come with customer due diligence best practices, including Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and other ingrained compliance.

While payment data collected through the Sila API is secured by the Sila platform and our partners, each client will have to follow payment data best practices to ensure this data is secure.

Check our blog article on the topic: Security Best Practices for Wallet API Payment Data.

Can I transfer money internationally with Sila?

At this time, the Sila platform only supports U.S. bank accounts and credit unions. It is possible to use the Sila ACH API in conjunction with our international money transfer API partners, such as Currencycloud, Corpay and Thunes.

How much does Payments API for ACH Transfers transfers cost?

We strive to keep ACH transfers through Sila affordable. Talk to a sales executive to learn more about our transaction pricing schedule.

How long do money transfers in the Payments API for ACH Transfers take to process?

We provide bill payments through ACH transfers and our internal ledger. Therefore, each processing timeline will vary.

Standard ACH payments typically take 2 business days for an ACH debit and 1 business day for an ACH credit (but don’t be surprised if each takes up to 4 business days). Instant ACH eliminates these processing times, so the money is transferred immediately. The fastest possible transfer time would be the same day if the issue, transfer, and redeem API calls all occur before the same day cutoff of 9:30am PST.

You can read about our transfer timelines in this article.

What are the business requirements for using the Payments API for ACH Transfers?

There are a number of compliance requirements for a business to send, receive, and store money in an app.

Customers need to manage compliance, but Sila won’t leave you high and dry. To partner with Sila, your business will need to be incorporated in the U.S. and each of your end-users will need to pass SSN verification or EIN verification. Learn more about pre-qualification for all our API access.

Full requirements for Instant ACH years include:

  • End-user onboarding with full KYC, SMS opt-in, a registered end-user mobile device through Iovation device fingerprinting
  • Linked bank account using Plaid (via Plaid auth)
  • And more. Read our Instant ACH FAQ to learn more.

Where can I learn more about how the Sila Payments API for ACH Transfers works?

Through secure API connections and U.S.-based compliance requirements initiated at every step of the process, the Sila payment API for ACH transfers helps move funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, enabling affordable, fast, and secure money transfers in American markets.

Clients will also have access to Instant ACH transfers through the /issue_sila endpoint. Once verified and the risk assessment is acceptable, Sila tokens can be issued instantly and available for transfer/redeem.

Access Standard ACH transfers and Instant ACH transfers. You can learn more about Sending ACH Payments With Sila in our blog. Or visit our Instant ACH FAQ.

More Than Just a Dashboard:
Mission Control for Your Financial App

All of our API users gain access to the Sila developer console to easily grow, manage, or evolve their financial app. Access real-time analytics, transactions, users, and much more 24/7.

“Sila is constantly innovating with its transmission backbone. Very excited to see what is next on their roadmap.”

“The services that Sila provides are mission-critical and you need a strong partner to not only solve problems today, but a partner you can trust to have the foresight to build for the future.”

— Seni T

What will you build?

Build out your ACH API in our sandbox for free. There you can manage your app, modify it and make it work for you. Access data on users, identity verification statuses, bank account linking, and return codes.