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with ACHNow

Instant Payments. Enhanced Security. Reduced Costs.

Maximize Your Payroll Holdings with ACHNow by Sila

Imagine the potential of earning an extra 3-4 days of interest on your payroll holdings. With ACHNow, you can optimize your payroll payouts by holding funds until the last minute, significantly increasing your interest yield.

For example, on $10 million compounded annually, this strategy could add up to $500,000 to your bottom line.

ACH / Payments

Benefits for Payroll Companies

As a payroll company, your clients are always looking to reduce fees. By holding their funds longer, you can earn more interest, effectively putting their money to work for you.

Additionally, consider offering a “Get-Paid Sooner” service, allowing you to charge a premium fee.

Fraud Prevention

Here’s How It Works

Standard Process:
ACH $10 million from the employer’s account on Monday, settle funds into your account on Wednesday, and payout on Friday.

Premium Options with ACHNow:
• Instant Payout on Wed: Charge a 2% service fee.
• Instant Payout on Thur: Charge a 1% service fee.

These options create an incremental revenue stream, enhancing your service offerings and profitability.


ACHNow by Sila:
The Game-Changer

ACHNow by Sila is more than just a solution; it’s a revolutionary instant payments engine. Seamlessly integrate ACHNow to process payroll payouts via our proprietary smart routing algorithm. Effortlessly orchestrate between FedNow and RTP, ensuring the fastest and most efficient transactions.

With ACHNow, your payroll operations will be more profitable and efficient, setting a new standard in the industry.

Discover the future of payroll processing with ACHNow by Sila.


Waiting for ACH is a Thing of the Past

ACH Credits (Direct Deposits)

Instantly Pay Wages

ACHNow enables real-time ACH settlements, which means payroll companies can process salaries and wages instantly. With ACHNow, workers can receive their pay immediately after their shifts ends, significantly enhancing employee satisfaction by decreasing the wait time for earned wages.

With instant transactions, wait until the last possible moment to send payment so you can collect additional interest.

Digital Wallet Creation

The Next Evolution of Earned Wage Access

Boosts in employee retention, qualified job applications, and the financial well-being of your employees are all outcomes of Earned Wage Access. However, unlike Earned Wage Access, employees will now be able to access 100% of their pay as soon as it is sent.

Save up to 75% vs Push-To-Card

ACHNow’s simplified per-transaction pricing makes it easier to budget and plan your payroll expenses. ACH transactions via ACHNow not only incur significantly reduced costs compared to traditional card processing fees but also minimize errors & delays.

Improved Cash Flow Management

Real-time transaction processing allows for better cash flow management, helping payroll companies maintain accurate and timely financial records.

Compliance Should be Your Top Concern

Reduced Errors

By automating and streamlining transactions, ACHNow minimizes the risk of errors commonly associated with manual processing in traditional payroll systems.

Easy Integration

Integrating ACHNow into your existing payroll technology stack is straightforward and efficient. Designed with compatibility in mind, ACHNow seamlessly connects via an API to your current systems, enabling instant ACH settlements without disrupting your existing workflows.

This integration process is supported by comprehensive documentation and dedicated support from Sila, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal downtime. Enhance your payroll operations with ACHNow’s fast, secure, and reliable payment processing capabilities, all while maintaining the integrity of your existing tech infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

The secure processing capabilities of ACHNow ensure that sensitive financial data is protected during transactions, an essential factor for payroll companies handling large volumes of personal information.

What is ACHNow?

ACHNow facilitates instant ACH settlement for all transactions. It utilizes an orchestration layer to route ACH transactions through instant payment rails like Real-Time Payments (RTP), FedNow, or Sila’s own Instant Settlement, ensuring fast and secure processing.

ACHNow supports both push and pull payment options, offering seamless integration for businesses seeking to enhance their transaction speeds without the complexities of direct RTP and FedNow integrations.


What is ACHNow and how does it work?

ACHNow is an orchestration layer that intelligently routes ACH transactions onto the instant rails of Real-Time Payments (RTP), FedNow or Sila’s Instant Settlement product.

Where is ACHNow available?

ACHNow is available in the United States.

Is this RTP or FedNow?

ACHNow utilizes both RTP and FedNow.

Do I need to choose between RTP or FedNow?

No, ACHNow provides your business with access to both RTP and FedNow via a single API. You don’t need to be concerned about which instant rail is growing faster and deploy your engineering resources because Sila has already completed all the work for you.

Does ACHNow push and pull payments?

Yes, ACHNow supports both push and pull (request for payment) options.

How long does it take to get ACHNow up and running?

The answer to this question is quite subjective as it would depend upon the skill level of your software engineer and the amount of time provided to the integration. On average, this is a 1-week integration process. API documentation can be found here.

Do I need a Money Transmitter Licenses?

Sila is an agent of our two sponsor banks and this arrangement allows us to utilize their bank charter, which precludes our customers from needing money transmitter licenses (MTLs).

Can I get a demo to see how it works?

Yes, we are proud of ACHNow and would love to provide a live demonstration. Just click here to schedule your demo.

How does ACHNow pricing compare to wires?

Share your estimated ACH volumes, and Sila will create bespoke pricing that best suits your use case. Current customers are seeing as much as 80% savings versus wires.

The services that SILA provides are mission-critical and you need a strong partner to not only solve problems today, but a partner you can trust to have the foresight to build for the future.

— Seni T
CEO Edge Markets