Instant Settlement

Make funds from ACH transactions immediately available to your customers by leveraging a reserve digital wallet.

Access Premium Financial Features for Fast, Enterprise-level Cash Flow Management

Instant settlement gives businesses access to on-demand and same-day payment settlements. Instant settlement moves money faster, getting premium financial services into more hands affordably.

Settle in Seconds

Instant settlement gives fintech owners premium financial tools. With settlement in as little as seconds, your users will reap the benefits of fast financial transactions to get on with the more important parts of their day.

Sila Integrations Comes Standard

Easily add instant settlement to any Sila product. Instant settlement comes with Sila’s digital wallet API and quick access to ACH API for eligible businesses.


Scale as You Need

Want to grow your offerings? Instant settlement is desirable, allowing funds settlements in as little as 10 seconds.

Compliance Should be Your Top Concern

Compliance Needs to be a Top Concern

Compliance is necessary for all financial transactions. While it is the responsibility of every business, Sila offers limited help including OFAC screenings and SARs filings.

Ask Us Anything About Our Instant Settlement

What type of security best practices does Sila’s International Payments feature follow for payment data?

All of Sila’s APIs come with customer due diligence best practices, including Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and other international compliance measures.

Can I transfer money via the Instant Settlement internationally?

If you’re adding on international payments, you’ve likely started up with our ACH API and Wallet API. Our international money transfer API integrates seamlessly with the Sila API packages through our partners Corpay (CambridgeFX), Thunes, and Currencycloud. Ask our sales team to see if instant settlement is available for international transactions.

How much do Instant Settlement ACH transfers cost?

We strive to keep ACH transfers through Sila affordable. Talk to a sales executive to learn more about our transaction pricing schedule.

How long do money transfers in the Instant Settlement take to process?

While ACH payment settlement might take 2 up to 4 business days, instant settlement is instant. In all reality, it might take a few seconds for the transfer to show up in the user's account.

What are the business requirements for using the Instant Settlement?

For most plans, businesses will need to be incorporated in the U.S. and each of your end-users will need to pass SSN verification or EIN verification. Learn more about pre-qualification for all our API access.

Where can I learn more about how the Instant Settlement works?

Instant settlement is a way to bypass normal settlement timelines of days and to expedite settlement to as little as seconds. The instant settlement API gives businesses an edge against competitors.

This API can schedule settlements and make transactions settle virtually instantly. To do this, approved businesses essentially gain eligibility as a verified business and are given credits. This is a great feature for user experience and merchant experience.

Get started with Instant Settlement for free.

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