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Our core strength is innovating on top of ACH, the backbone of the U.S. payment system. Harness its power. Benefit from Sila making everything else better.

ACH: Instant, Same Day & Standard

We’re modernizing ACH to accelerate innovative customer use cases with entirely new ways to move money with code. Orchestrate transfers between wallets, virtual accounts, and bank accounts with ease.

Direct Deposit

Skip the bank deposit and direct funds directly from your customers payroll provider. Take advantage of in-app direct deposit switching with the help of one of our partners.


Our best-in-class ID verification and anti-fraud solutions are your foundation for launching a secure and successful platform.

Individuals Onboarding & KYC (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents)

Register, screen under sanctions, and verify the identities of U.S. individuals, both citizens and non-citizen residents. 90% of users pass default KYC in 10 seconds or less.

Business Onboarding & KYB  Partnerships & Corporations)

Register, screen under sanctions, and verify the identities of U.S.-formed business associations or other entities and their principals using our industry-leading KYB solution.


Our flexible Wallet API links U.S. bank accounts to verified entities for orchestrating basic or highly bespoke funds flows within your customer ecosystem.

Sila Ledger

Digital wallets are made possible by Sila’s proprietary ledger technology, which maps to an account held for the benefit of your users. This allows us us to make wallet-to-wallet transfers as flexible and fast as possible.

The Future of Payments

We are excited to see what the future has in store for programmable money and decentralized finance. Sila has additional proprietary, blockchain-based financial programming tools under development or available in limited circumstances, but much of what is to come will be subject to regulatory and market factors.


The Sila API and SDKs make it simple to store value and transfer money between bank accounts, digital wallets and blockchain from inside your application, while adhering to applicable U.S. regulations.

Virtual Accounts

In many ways, Virtual Accounts operate much like our digital wallets infrastructure, offering as much flexibility as possible for programmers but with more versatile functionality and additional payment methods. Eligibility may vary.

Web-Only Bank Accounts
Provide each of your users with a vAccount with a unique ABA account and routing number that you can white-label and customize to fit your app’s particular use case.

ACH Receiving
Enable your users’ vAccounts to receive ACH credits or debits by allowing them to share their account credentials with third parties to push funds to (i.e., direct deposit) or draw funds from (i.e., external charge) their vAccounts. This is in addition to the standard ACH debit and credit origination functionality available with wallets.

Bank Account Linking

No more dealing with archaic banking interfaces, fat fingers, or stringing together multiple banking APIs. Sila is an official Plaid Auth partner with integrated support for Plaid Auth, Plaid Identity, and Plaid Balance.


Extend your app for limitless finnovation

Card Issuance
Card Issuance
US & International Bill Payment
US & International Bill Payment
Bank Account Linking
Bank Account Linking
Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency Exchange

The API to KYC users, link bank accounts and transfer money fast

  • Simple to store and transfer money in your application
  • Transfer between bank accounts, crypto and digital wallets
  • Extend your app with dozens of pre-approved partners
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Get up and running in less than 10 lines of code

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    // Name, Email, Address, Phone
  2. 2
    // ETH, Ledger
  3. 3
    // KYC, KYB
  4. 4
    // Bank Account, Visa, Mastercard
  5. 5
    // ACH Debit, Instant ACH, Wires
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    // P2P, B2B, B2B2C
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    // Sila Partners, My Fees, Payouts

Store value in wallets, move money between bank accounts and process payments

Sila offers a simple, secure, and scalable money transfer API to make money programmable with built-in anti-fraud features.

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Reduce your compliance costs and increase your speed to market with fast and accurate identity verification.

Digital Wallet API

Our digital wallets enable P2P, B2B, and B2B2C flow of funds within your application.

Bank Account Linking API

With integrated support for Plaid Auth, Identity and Balance, your users can link and add funds directly from their external bank account.

ACH Transfer API

Sila reduces the engineering and operational complexity of integrating with ACH so you can focus on building a great product.

I don't see why we would ever move away from Sila because there's a value there with the team that we don't want to lose out on; that we wouldn't get from a traditional payment processor.


We could not be what we are without the Sila architecture. It would not be possible. The only way would be to acquire a bank, which might be in the future but not realistic for a startup. Sila gave us probably the only feasible way to get going.


Making effective ACH transfers is key for our users who are building their credit with on-time payments. Delays, especially if you miss cut-off times, can hurt our users and in turn impact retention. Sila’s Instant Settlement has the potential to deliver timely access to funds, improve user experience and help Ava’s bottom line at the same time.


An origin story crafted by over 100 years of collective experience in banking, fintech, compliance and securities

Sila's banking APIs replace the need for integrating with legacy financial institutions saving you months of development time, and thousands in legal and regulatory expenses.

Co-founder Shamir Karkal speaking in 2019 at the Money20/20 event

Co-founder Prof. Alexander Lipton giving a lecture at MIT’s Media Lab in 2019

Full-featured API & SDKS.

Free sandbox. Unlimited possibilities.

We are not your vendor. We are your co-pilots.

Listen to dozens of stories from Sila's customers as they go from idea to launch with assistance from Sila's hands-on onboarding and customer experience teams.