The Sila Fintech Solution for Remittance

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How Fintech Helps Distributed Families

The number of people working abroad, away from their families, has steadily increased. As has the amount of money that is being sent home every month. Today, guest workers in one country can be as important to that country’s economy as remittances are to the economies of the countries where their families reside. The World Bank estimates that the sum of all remittances to developing economies is nearly triple that of global official development assistance.

Behind these statistics are individuals who want to send money to their loved ones quickly, at an attractive exchange rate, without paying a lot in fees, and in a way that doesn’t necessarily requires a banking relationship. When traditional financial institutions fell short in delivering on these demands, fintech companies swooped in with tailored solutions and acquired market share.

Why Sila?

Sila has a reputation for helping companies succeed who want to build a better mousetrap. There are many areas in our financial system where what is being offered and how, no longer is in line with what today’s customers want. We help businesses realize their innovative ideas on how to close that gap. Read how we helped OKYApp simplify money transfers to Latin America.

Access to the U.S. Banking System

Your end users need to link a U.S. bank account to send and receive money through your Sila-powered API. With our bank account linking API, you don’t have to worry about securing a linking API yourself.

Simplified Fraud Prevention

Simplified fraud prevention including industry-leading KYC approval rates are wrapped in Sila’s powerful money transfer API.

Digital Wallets

Users can sign up and load a digital wallet and transfer funds when they are ready to do so.

Where to start?

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