The Sila Fintech Solution for Personal Finance Management

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Not Your Parent’s PFM

Personal finance management is a growing market with many young companies trying to capture market share by offering innovative solutions. That might include sophisticated debt management, micro-investing into crypto, or building wealth by investing spare change. Aside from changing the technical aspects of the game, how people interact with their investments has changed as well. Today’s younger generation expects a gamefy-ed approach that helps them succeed but in a fun way.

Why Sila?

We have deep industry knowledge and supported entrepreneurs in making their dream a reality. Read how Sila has worked with bamboo to offer micro-investing to build crypto assets over time. Find out why Eden Savings chose Sila to power its vision of fintech gamification and unique experiences in fintech and investing. Or, read up on how Sila and Wedge partnered to revolutionize everyday spending for consumers.

Virtual Accounts

With Sila’s virtual accounts option, users gain access to digital wallets with dedicated account and routing numbers that they then can use to designate parts of their paycheck for things like rent, utilities, vacations, etc.

Embedded Customer Verification (KYC)

Sila’s KYC API comes integrated with the U.S. banking system to get you up and running faster than ever before.

Fast U.S. Money Transfers

Tap into the U.S. market with state-of-the-art risk management services only available in the Sila platform. Now with speedy ACH for fast, affordable money transfers.

Where to start?

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