The Sila Fintech Solution for Key Crypto Use Cases

Crypto on/off ramps and Payroll to Crypto.

Fintech Innovations

At Sila, we see fintech and crypto as two sides of the same coin. Where others see deep divisions and enthusiastically defend one or the other position, we see two different approaches to solving the same problem. Our customers include pure-play crypto and pure-play fintech companies, and those that do both.

In fact, we have a few that started out in one camp and since evolved into a mix. Especially as crypto businesses mature, there is a need to access the one place where people hold their money, their bank accounts. Hence our focus on providing on/off ramps. Because of our expertise in payroll (link to that industry page), we are also offering solutions for where payroll and crypto overlap.

Why Sila?

Sila built its own ledger that allows customers to store value to access crypto transfers, ACH transfers, and wallet API technology. Providing USD on/off ramps and fiat custody is where we shine. And, if you are concerned about fraud, Sila customers get around 90% KYC approval in record time. If you want to review what we did for others, read up on how we helped bamboo launch its micro-investing business in the U.S. Or, about our work with Sequoir that is leveraging our core banking infrastructure to deliver blockchain API fast and cost-effectively. 

One Partner to Power your Crypto Company

As a preferred Nacha partner, we offer our best-in-class ACH expertise. But Sila has also built an extensive partnership with over 35 fintech marketplace partners whose services complement what we offer..

Instant ACH and Instant Settlement Speed up Fund Availability

Instant ACH grants end-users access to funds in their wallet immediately for approved transactions. Instant ACH (iACH) provides maximized fraud protection by combining behavioral monitoring, SMS confirmation, KYC data, and account aggregation data, and liveliness checks. Sila’s Instant Settlement makes ACH transactions immediately available to our customers’ end-users. Enable faster payments for happier customers and increased fraud protection.

Embedded Customer Verification (KYC and KYB)

Sila’s KYC and KYB APIs come integrated with the U.S. banking system to get you up and running faster than ever before.

Where to start?

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