Instant ACH for Instant Gratification

Send money via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network with near-instant settlement. Your users no longer have to wait for standard business day timelines for ACH transfers. They get their money when they need it, fast.

Instant U.S. Money Transfers

Access instant ACH money transfers in the secure ACH network for fast money sending all day and all night.

Compliance Needs to be a Top Concern

Compliance is essential. Sila assists with some of the requirements such as OFAC and SARS reporting.

Improved Fraud Monitoring

Since end-users are pre-approved for iACH, business owners reduce the chance of fraud and strengthen your network.

Easily Integrate and Stay Competitive

With easy integrations and your Fintech Marketplace, add iACH quickly and stay competitive in a matter of weeks.

Ask Us Anything About Our iACH

Does Instant ACH include ACH Credit/pushing funds to a bank account?

Instant ACH is only applicable to the /issue_sila endpoint, it is not available for /redeem_sila.

What is the maximum transaction amount for Instant ACH?

The default limit is $500. If you require a higher limit your account manager can handle that request or email

Do I need my own Plaid account to use Sila?

Yes. Instant ACH requires you to use Sila’s full KYC and account linking via Plaid Processor Token.

How much do iACH transfers cost?

We strive to keep ACH transfers through Sila affordable. See our full ACH transfer pricing schedule.

How long do money transfers in the iACH take to process?

The fastest possible transfer time would be the same day if the issue, transfer, and redeem API calls all occur before the same day ACH cutoff of 9:30am PST.

What are the business requirements for using the iACH?

Instant ACH has additional program requirements and limitations over Standard ACH and Same Day ACH.

End-User Onboarding:

  • Full KYC
  • SMS opt-in and SMS confirmation of all instant ACH transactions
  • Customer's application has appropriate anti-fraud libraries installed

Linked bank account and Plaid:

  • Customer’s account must be linked via Plaid Auth and with a processor token on Sila (not micro-deposits or direct account routing)
  • Financial institutions for the linked account must support Plaid Identity, Plaid Balance, and Plaid Transactions.
  • Transaction max amount limits - The default limit is $500 with a maximum of 3 transactions allowed per week.

If you require a higher limit your account manager can handle that request or email

Must haves:

  • Must have an ACH Bank Account Company Name Descriptor (10 characters)
  • Must be approved for the Beta program to participate
  • Must be an existing customer in a Scale plan or above

Where can I learn more about how the Sila iACH works?

Through secure API connections, the Sila payment API for ACH transfers helps move funds through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, enabling affordable, efficient, and secure money transfers in American markets.

Instant ACH is a Sila API (Beta) feature that allows funds to be made instantly available in an end user's wallet before receiving funds from the ACH debit.

End-users will need to complete registration, including enhanced anti-fraud verification and confirmation of the device via SMS messaging.  

Approved end users have access to Instant ACH and the /issue_sila endpoint. Sila will run a real-time risk assessment on the ACH debit transaction and determine if it is eligible for instant issuance. Sila sends an SMS confirmation for the transaction, and once the end-user confirms the message, Sila tokens are instantly issued and available for transfer/redemption.

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the financial world

Start your fintech app with iACH through our free Sila developer console. Grow, manage, or evolve your financial app with real-time analytics, transactions, users, and much more 24/7.

Build your first ACH API in our sandbox for free. There you can access data on users, identity verification statuses, bank account linking, and return codes. You’ll always have direct access to our engineering support team via chat.