The Sila Fintech Solution for B2B & C2B Payments

Money movements and ACH transfers for regulated industries.

Fintech Innovations

Fintech innovations have been a boon for disruptive companies in many regulated industries including real estate, telecom, insurance, e-commerce. In the past, if you experienced poor customer service at the hands of a financial service provider, there was not much you could do.

Today, with the right resources and motivation, you can start your own company addressing that particular issue in a much more customer-centric manner. In fact, this is how some of our partners and customers got started. The common thread of all these approaches is that at one point, you need to connect to the U.S. banking system, people’s bank accounts. That’s where Sila and our Sila ACH API come in.

Why Sila?

We save you from dealing with archaic banking interfaces, rejections from payment processors who won’t support your use case, or stringing together multiple banking APIs just to add payment capabilities to your application. The Sila API was built from the ground up to get you up and running quickly. And, we have the customer success stories to prove it. Read how we partnered with Otonomi to help the company launch its intuitive parametric insurance app that supports the complicated logististics industry.

In partnership with Sila, Fabrica has been able to cut down traditional real estate transaction times to a matter of minutes. Or, how the hard-money lender Constitution Lending realized faster time-to-market and a significant reduction in potential legal and other fees. Or, how Wedge relied on the Sila API to offer consumers the ability to maximize their savings by giving them a choice of which asset to apply to each transaction.

Simplified Fraud Prevention

Customers benefit from simplified fraud prevention solutions that are wrapped in Sila’s powerful money transfer API.

Fast U.S. Money Transfers

Tap into the U.S. market with state-of-the-art risk management services only available in the Sila platform. Now with speedy ACH for fast, affordable money transfers.

Our Wallet API Natively Supports Bank Accounts

From cryptocurrency exchange wallets who need KYC and fiat on-ramps to businesses looking to leverage blockchain technology for trustless transactions, and programmable money, Sila’s Digital Wallet API is an end-to-end solution.

Where to start?

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